How to Choose the Right VDR Software for Your Business

A VDR is the best solution for anyone who requires a secure space to collaborate and share files, or to communicate with their clients. It reduces the risk of sensitive data leakage and lets you collaborate on deals with multiple parties at the same time. It guarantees compliance with regulatory standards such as FERPA GDPR HIPAA and eIDAS. The security features of a VDR are unrivalled when compared to email. It is also more efficient and cost-effective.

It is crucial to think about how often you’ll use the software before deciding on the VDR. A VDR that offers flexible licensing options can help you save money while ensuring the software is readily available at any time you require it. A majority of vendors offer subscriptions to either a monthly or annual usage and also licenses that are for one-time use. Once you know the number of transactions you plan to conduct per year, you can select the best license suitable for your business.

The quality of the customer service provided by the vendor is crucial. A preferable option will provide assistance in multiple languages and be accessible via live chat, phone or via email. Some VDR providers offer dedicated teams to assist users with complex projects. Also, you should consider how it is easy to access the VDR across different operating platforms and devices. The platform should work with iOS and Android devices and work without the need for a plugin. The VDR’s hosting and storage locations should be convenient for your organization.