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The Mad Hungarian: recalling the craziest pitcher MLB features ever viewed

The Mad Hungarian: recalling the craziest pitcher MLB features ever viewed

If someone said there clearly was a man nicknamed “The Mad Hungarian,” what might your envision?

a lonely creator resting at a typewriter all round the day with gray hair moving in every movement? A chef who grabbed opportunities by experimenting with a myriad of unusual meat and herbs? Think about a significant category reduction pitcher with very distinct and infuriating pre-pitch routines into the game’s record? The actual response is a major league pitcher. His name is Al Hrabosky, and he was actually certainly the Mad Hungarian.

Considering their looks alone, there seemed to be no mistaking that Hrabosky was actually someone of Hungarian lineage. He had long-hair and a dense, dark mustache, many times wearing a Fu Manchu mustache that made him hunt downright menacing on a large league mound. But there are more main reasons why Hrabosky was called the Mad Hungarian rather than the standard Hungarian.

“How may I frighten batters easily appear to be a golf pro?”

Al Hrabosky, after being forced to shave his facial hair

Over the years, Hrabosky developed a system throughout the mound which was as remarkable because had been ridiculous. Usually performing this with runners on base, in the middle pitches Hrabosky would walk off the mound towards next base, flipping his back on the batter. He would take a breath, scrub the ball with his hands quite completely, and then slam the ball into their glove. Only then would Hrabosky step on the plastic and stare along the batter like he were frustrating your to a duel. Enthusiasts appreciated the theatrics, but jointly can imagine, opposing batters despised these types of histrionics through the Mad Hungarian.

Normally, Hrabosky’s antics received him the reputation of a mad man with opposing team’s fans. During a casino game in Chicago in 1975, one follower analyzed exactly how mad Hrabosky is by bending to the seeing bullpen at Wrigley area and putting a live cockatoo from the Mad Hungarian’s head. Hrabosky snatched the bird from their head and endangered to literally chew their head down. Their teammates talked your out of it, nevertheless the mere danger best put into their purposefully-constructed reputation as somebody who might have many screws free.

“i would like batters to think I’m crazy. I’d like them to know I’m crazy.”

Actually, it actually was this madness that Hrabosky thinks produced him the pitcher he had been. The guy individualized every at-bat as a one-on-one fight with the hitter. The guy wanted the batter to be scared in which he wished to penalize your when it comes down to threat he presented to his own team. It actually was that attitude and “the Mad Hungarian” image the guy so very carefully crafted that once produced your one of the better relief pitchers in baseball.

“People may think I’m a weirdo whenever they see me personally, but it’s anything I’ve have got to create. We see my personal fastball only normal, but when We psych my self I’ll put it against anybody’s. It’s good planning. We envision myself putting to a certain place. However notice batter swing and neglect.

I ensure it is a personal battle amongst the a couple of all of us by contemplating one thing he’s complete against my personal professionals. So many pitchers appear to be they’ve been frightened to demise about mound. Maybe not me. We just be sure to change the specific situation in. I’d Like the hitter to-be afraid, Professional free dating to ask yourself easily are only a little crazy.”

Whenever all got mentioned and completed, Hrabosky pitched 13 seasons inside majors, winning 64 games, conserving 97, and uploading an ERA of 3.10. Apart from winning the 1975 NL Fireman of the season honor after trusted the nationwide group in saves that seasons, there’s small equipment on their trophy instance. Written down, it is not a profession that shines. In case you spotted the Mad Hungarian pitch, couple of baseball participants have actually actually ever stood out extra.